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CEU San Pablo University is committed to an academic model geared towards excellence and the integral education of our students. From the practical training and thanks to the best means and teachers, our graduates get the best preparation nationally and internationally and have, from the beginning, a direct contact with the professional demands. Moreover, CEU San Pablo is the first and the oldest private University in Spain according to the Spanish Law of private Universities.

We are a global university, modern and connected with the main university networks and researchers of the world. CEU San Pablo University has several international programs in conjunction with other prestigious Universities in Europe and the U.S.A.  All this makes up our commitment to provide our professors and students with an international experience.

The Faculty of Law of the CEU San Pablo University represents the solvency of the tradition of a Catholic university and the energy of innovation in the formation of jurists. Since its inception, which was the oldest private law school in Spain, has developed a creative vision of teaching law and other scientific fields that are integrated into the Faculty, such as Political Science, Criminology and Security and International Relations.

Moreover, we count with our prestigious University Institute for European Studies, a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence. Created in November of 1999, it is a Centre for university research, specialising in the study and analysis of European Union affairs and other aspects of international relations. The University Institute European Studies is presided by Dr. Marcelino Oreja Aguirre (Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Commissioner).

You can find more information at the University website and our Institute website

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